Massimo Micheluzzi

Amber Murano Battuto Glass Sculpture 2012 Etched signature on underside
11" w x 12" d x 9" h




Massimo Micheluzzi (1957) uses traditional techniques to achieve a uniquely modern aesthetic. He is one of very few contemporary Muranese artists to successfully employ classic murrina and battuto techniques for a disciplined, sober vision.

Reserved forms and color palates, mostly mono or dichromatic, backdrop the fluid movement of his surface carving. Indelibly intertwined with life on these watery islands, Micheluzzi's battuto patterns recall the gently curving canals and waterways of Venice, skillfully imparting softness to an otherwise rigid medium. Once formed at the furnace, the vessels are returned to Micheluzzi for extensive cold carving. His modern designs and ancient techniques bridge old and new, tradition and innovation.

Born in Venice in 1957, Micheluzzi studied art history at Ca' Foscari, the University of Venice. Introduced to the world of glass by the Venini family, in 1993 he began collaborating with Laura de Santillana, granddaughter of Paolo Venini. Within a few years, he was producing works of his own, and in 1998 he had his first exhibition in Milan. Since then, he has exhibited in cities all over the world, including Paris, New York, London, Rotterdam, and Kanazawa, Japan.