Brutalist bronze wall sculpture by Luciano Frigerio, 
Italy, circa 1970. Incredibly textured and organic bronze sculpture.
Luciano Frigerio, May 21, 1928 - April 11, 1999): Cabinetmaker and designer, created a series of furniture designed as unique pieces during the '1960s and 1970s, as opposed to Industrial Production characterizing the period, in quality materials. Over the years, close collaboration was born with some famous architects and Italian designers like Franco Albini, Sergio Asti and later Paolo Portoghesi. Luciano Frigerio asked them to design some pieces of furniture in order to realize a craftsman’s studio, creating a series of numbered and signed pieces. HIs philosophy was to create furniture that was unique and using as many materials as possible

2” d x 68" w x 19" h