Francois Lembo French Glazed Gold Silver Gray Ceramic Sunburst Mirror

Francois Lembo sumburst ceramic mirror with a gold, silver and gray ceramic crackle glaze France, 1970s. 
In very good original condition with felt backing. An unusual and rare model in its abstract form. Piece unique.
A native of Vallauris François Lembo started his pottery career in 1951 in the workshops of Calva and Rossignol. After his apprenticeship and having completed his national service, he worked for 3 years in his father in law, Marc Roussel's studio, before opening his own studio in Vallauris in 1960. The work of Roussel, influenced by Byzantine art, inspired Lembo to create mirrors, often decorated in the style of Russian icons. Lembo sold his work at "Terre de Provence" and had considerable success during the 1960s and 1970s.     He died in 2013.

The mirror portion is 10" diameter. Overall 17" diameter.