David Whitehead Ceramic Artist White and Black Wood Fired Ceramic Vase La Borne France

Hand made and wood fired in La Borne, France by ceramicist David Whitehead. It was in 1986 that David Whitehead, born in South Africa and between two land surveyor missions, made his acquaintance with ceramics at the "Terra Potter" workshop in South Africa. He worked there for six months and traveled to Scotland to do an internship where he remained for four years with various potters. It is in Scotland that he discovered firing with wood. He hears about La Borne for the first time by Roz Herrin whom he met during travels in Greece. In 1992 he went to La Borne for one year and then returned to Africa. In 1994 he moved permanently to La Borne and built a wood kiln with Isabelle Coeur where he continues to work and create wood fired ceramics. David is quoted "At La Borne I can practice another way of firing, I feel free to find my own way. Here my fascination for the subject and the craft is renewed, I am my instinct ... and then go! This vase has a distinct calligraphic and painterly quality and minimalistic in painting. The surface shows the matte slips used as paint and the textures of the clay. The interior is glazed so the vase can hold water. Shown with a companion piece. Signed.

15” h x 14” diameter