Axel Einar Hjorth typenko occassional table

Axel Einar Hjorth rare occasional table Typenko from 1931. 
Pictured in Axel Einar Hjorth: Mobilarkhiteckt,Bjork, Ekstrom, Ericson , p123 a smilar form. 
This table has patina from its age and use. The mirrored glass is in excellent condition. No chips or flaws. Patina on the base. 
Please inquire for additional photos or information on this early table of the Danish architect and designer Axel Einar Hjorth. 
Composed of a 33.5" round x 1" thick, mirrored glass top plateau.
High polished stainless steel shelf: 22" round.
Stainless steel base: 22" round x 1.75"

33" d x 24.5”h