bela silva contemporary black ceramic organic table

Bela Silva was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and studied at: Porto and the Lisbon Fine Arts Schools in Portugal; ArCo, Lisbon; Norwich Fine Arts in the UK; School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She has created several public art pieces, namely tile panels for the Alvalade subway station in Lisbon; panels for the Sakai Cultural Center’s gardens in Japan; and panels for the João de Deus School in the Azores Islands.

Bela Silva quoted: “For me, drawing is at the root of everything. It’s a fundamental need. My raison d’être as an artist is my love of drawing. Switching between sculpture and drawing gives me distance and lets me come back to my work with fresh eyes. Art is central to many Asian cultures and there are many links between Portugal and Asia. They come from the time of maritime exploration and trading between continents. I am constantly drawn to the richness of oriental elements, both in the fine arts and decorative arts. I often unconsciously include them in my own work.”

She currently lives between Lisbon and Brussels, Belgium.

18” h x 14.75” diameter